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We are committed to supporting causes that matter to our clients, our employees and our communities.

At Laborie, our community involvement is consistent with our company’s values and with our mission of quality, innovation, service and satisfaction. We have focused our efforts on developing strong partnerships with non-profit foundations, medical organizations, educational events and other programs that are closely aligned with our business. These organizations have missions that are consistent with ours. Through our involvement, we help raise awareness and aid them in funding research through grants and contributions.



The Simon Foundation is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing assistance and support to those suffering from urinary incontinence and their families. It was founded in 1983 in the United States. In 1985, it was established in Canada as Simon Canada. In 1986, Simon Canada became the Canadian Continence Foundation.



Founded in 1986, the Canadian Continence Foundation is the only national Canadian non-profit organization serving the interest of people experiencing incontinence. The organization is led by people with incontinence and by professionals from all health disciplines. The Canadian Continence Foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for people experiencing incontinence by helping them, and/or their caregivers, confidently seek and access cures and treatment options.



The European Association of Urology (EAU) represents more than 16,000 urology professionals across Europe and worldwide. Its mission is to raise the level of urological care in Europe. Each year, EAU awards a promising, young European urological academician with the prestigious “Crystal Matula” award. Laborie supports and provides the funding for the unrestricted educational grant that accompanies this award.



IVUmed is a non-profit educational organization. IVUmed (formerly International Volunteers in Urology), incorporated in 1995, is the only non-profit organization worldwide dedicated to teaching urology in developing countries. In fulfilling this mission, IVUmed provides medical and surgical education to physicians and nurses and treatment to thousands of suffering children and adults. IVUmed’s mission is to teach the teachers. This approach ensures the long-term sustainability of programs and fosters the professional independence of IVUmed’s partners abroad.



The Canadian Urological Association (CUA) represents and provides a voice for all Canadian urologists. The CUA’s mission is to foster dedication to all members of the profession to ensure the highest possible standard of urologic care for Canadians. This year, Laborie supported the printing and distribution of the voiding diary developed and tested by the Canadian Urological Association. It is recommended by all authorities that a voiding diary be completed by a patient before any urodynamic investigations are undertaken. The voiding diary is available for all to use and may be downloaded from CUA’s website. Click here to go directly to the voiding diary. Doctors will also be able to download a dynamic version that can be personalized with their name and office information.


Laborie partners with several foundations and not-for-profit organizations to provide humanitarian relief around the world.

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